Monday, August 29, 2011

This post brought to you by Bob Kelso Chief of Medicine

I was sitting in my biodiversity class today and discovered that my professor is rather uncomfortable talking about sexual reproduction. It was funny to watch a man of science who's got a PhD, and has spent many years studying monkeys, to fumble as he searched his mind for various euphemisms to explain sexual reproduction in humans. Mind you it's a freshman level course (one which I've done my best to put off taking for as long as possible) so I think it could safely be said everyone in attendance would have been fine with the terms testicles, penis, vagina, ovaries, and sperm. (as opposed to "lady bits" and  the like)

It reminded me of early on in the series Scrubs, how the character Elliot couldn't refer to any form of genitalia without an oddball euphemism such as "bajingo". Eventually set straight by good old Bob Kelso by having it pointed out that as a doctor she needed to be comfortable referring to the human anatomy with proper terminology or get the hell out of his hospital. (I'm paraphrasing of course)

Which leads me to wonder how someone can earn a PhD in biology and yet still be squeamish when discussing the process of human reproduction? It is possible that he was doing his best to avoid offending anyone. His discussion the previous class about why Creationism isn't a science seemed to ruffle a few pious feathers. Still, I can't help but lose a tiny bit of respect for a professor who gets timid about teaching the material.

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