Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Warehouse 13 and Eureka

Ah Mondays, the most reviled day of the week. Combine it with SyFy (herp derp we R edgy) and its constant marathons of Ghost Hunters/ Terrible original movies, the result should add up to a night of mediocrity TV hasn't seen since the first network reality television show aired.

Fortunately they haven't shit canned every good show in their effort to show as little science fiction based shows as possible. Eureka and Warehouse 13 are probably the only good shows left on the network that are still in production. (I have yet to check out Alphas so I can't speak for it) My thoughts on the episodes of both shows from tonight are after the break. (spoilers lie beyond)

Let's start with Eureka. Tonight the episode was kinda "meh" in terms of drama and really only seemed to serve as a filler episode to announce who would be going on the inevitable shuttle mission at the end of the season. What really disappointed me was to see how quickly they wiped clean the slate from the previous episode where the DOD told Jack and Allison they had to break up. It just felt like a missed opportunity to let the characters step back and actually examine their relationship in the post time travel continuity. Were they really together because they loved each other or because they needed to keep the cover on their misadventures in the past. Of course we know they love each other VERY much now thanks to the episode, but that still doesn't keep it from feeling blunt.

Then again I don't know when SyFy told them they were getting cancelled, so it's possible grander plans for a story arc there had to be scrapped in favor of giving time to the larger plot. Though maybe it's for the best. I never did like the hard reset they did on the show's continuity back at the beginning of the season. There was no need for it, it just felt pointless. I only just started following the series last fall so maybe I missed a passing of the creative torch to someone new, but that's the vibe I got from the huge shake up they did. It just kind of felt like a lazy way to re-tread old story arcs or re-write characters into better versions of themselves. Least of all it kinda messed up figuring out the crossover continuity between Eureka and Warehouse 13. (something I really, really wish they'd do more of with a nice long story arc)

Moving on to Warehouse 13, man what an episode! I'd swear it was a season finale it was so epic. The new recruit Jinx is making a turn to the darkside of the force, Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway of Star Trek: Voyager)  makes an appearance as not only a regent, but Pete's mom. C. C. H. Pounder once again proves that she is  the only one who should be playing Amanda Waller should Warner Bros. ever nut up and try their hand at a Justice League continuity of films. (though after Green Lantern I don't think I want them to.) You know what, everyone in this show is just amazing at the parts they play. It's easily my favorite show on television right now. Maybe it's because I'm already a sucker for historical fiction based shows, but I get something of a thrill every time they explain the background for an artifact. I'll go ahead and say it, if Claudia doesn't like doing the organization of the artifacts back at the Warehouse I'd be more than happy to do it for her.

I mean how could the prospect of learning about what's in the Warehouse not be exciting? It would be like getting an all access pass to the secrets behind every major myth, legend, and conspiracy throughout history. Speaking of Claudia, I think she's a great character despite what some who continually hope for her demise each episode. Her original dynamics with Artie was the source of some great witty banter, but her growth into basically Pete and Micha's Q has just made her all the more awesome.

I'm starting to ramble. I could spend hours nerding out over Warehouse 13, just like I could for Doctor Who and Warcraft, but I'll save some for next week when the plot inevitably thickens. Here's hoping that SyFy changes it's mind about cancelling Eureka.

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