Monday, July 7, 2014

Two more podcasts for your ears.

It's amazing how easily I forget I have this blog. Maybe I should start a Tumblr account, I hear those are harder for the owner to ignore. At any rate, I recorded two more podcasts since the last one, one of which is a second series. These were originally posted to Destructoid, but, like I said last time I'm posting them here as well in the hopes of a little more exposure.

First let me introduce After The Credits, a series where my friends and I will sit down to discuss whatever big budget blockbuster we just saw. The first episode is us discussing Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Then we come to episode 2 of Soapbox. I've managed to trim its running time down to a more palatable 40 minutes, and try a little harder to stay on point. In this episode I talk about topics ranging from my excitement for No Man's Sky to the Nintendo Shareholder's meeting, and there's plenty of side-tracking between those two for you to enjoy.

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